Bamboo Incense Sticks

Sajanagarh Aggarbatti Company is a proud manufacturer of different kinds of Joss sticks which are of premium quality. Bamboo Incense Stick manufactured by our company is known for its excellent quality and the shape of this bamboo stick is long and slender. This incense stick has a natural fragrance which is relaxing and calming and is also non-toxic. High quality of Bamboo is used for making these stick which guarantees the hardness of it. This stick is scented with natural fragrance and a packet contains 25 sticks of Bamboo incense.

You can avail these incense sticks at a very competitive price. Bamboo Incense Stick is among the best sticks that are available in the market.

Used in temples, churches, mosques and other places.

A refreshing fragrance that makes the environment more pleasing and gentle.

100% natural and toxic-free chemicals are used.

Fragrance and stick remain for a longer time.